'THE ELDERS' Art Group, run by The RC Sherriff Trust started

 off with a bag of clay and designed, created and painted

 these meaningful tiles commemorating their experiences

 of World War II. We shared stories during this project and all

 learned a lot about each other and defining moments during

 the intense time of war.



A small group of Year 5 children participated in this project, 

which was designed to encourage, via creative clay work: 

 awareness of self and others, empathy and self confidence. 

They considered, designed and made a creature that 

served an emotional purpose for them. We added some 

explanatory text and reflected on each other's work.




The children thought about their favourite interests and then

 designed a canvas each, sometimes taking inspiration from

 famous artists. We worked with acrylic paint, paper and clay,

 and then wrote about the inspiration for each piece to go with

 the display. Children were able to learn/ utilise different

 technical/ social skills during this process  and were very

 proud of their final pieces.


The children thought about about something exciting or funny

that had happened, and then each designed a six image story

to put on their flower pots. There were narratives ranging from

getting locked out of the house to collecting the wrong shoes 

at the Mosque! Then we researched different plants and

 considered which reflected participants' personalities. We had

 everything from an Urn plant to a Venus Flytrap! This work

 supported communication, ordered story telling and




This field of work can involve anything from a client with

 advanced dementia enjoying the texture of clay, or exploring

 different colours with a paintbrush, to largely independent

 work and everything in between. Below is just a small selection

 of clients work.

Group work canvases, which are a collaborative and social 


A resident painting a clay pot he made

This care home resident had never painted before and was 

delighted to start off by copying a work of her favourite artist,

 Van Gogh